Tuesday, September 22, 2015

12 Simple Ways to Keep Home Cleaner between Cleanings

Whether you spend your valuable time cleaning your house yourself or you spend hard-earned dollars paying someone else to do it, isn't it always nice to have that fresh and clean house feel last as long as possible?  Well, here are 12 easy tips which can help you do just that and best of all, once you get into the habit, it will only take minutes of your time each day!

  1. Shoes stay at the door.  
  2. Making a habit of washing hands will prevent the spread of dirty, grimy fingerprints everywhere.
  3. Wipe down kitchen stove and counters immediately after cooking. (Spraying with vinegar will cut the grease!)
  4. Move the tea kettle off the stove when cooking with grease or oil and it will stay clean and pretty.
  5. Place an old towel on the floor in front of the oven when frying to keep grease and oils from splattering all over the floor- only to be tracked all over the rest of the house, making for grimy floors everywhere!
  6. Cover your food when using the microwave and you will rarely have to clean it! (Read more about keeping the Microwave clean.)
  7. Brush Fido! A daily brushing can do wonders in helping keep the hair at bay, instead of all over your house, clothes and furniture.
  8. Everything in its place! That's including clothes, to the hamper or back to the closet.  Make the kids get into the habit of picking up after themselves and cleaning up before bedtime.  It will work even better if they are able to follow their parent's example!
  9. Mother knew best! Make your bed in the morning and your whole bedroom will automatically appear neater.  And it only takes a minute or two.
  10. Give the sink a quick once over the scrubby sponge after dishes. Also, giving it a real quick rinse after you dump things into it (especially that super staining coffee!) will help keep it always looking decent.  Likewise, giving that coffee pot a quick rinse after dumping it will help keep it from getting horribly stained.
  11. After draining the tub, giving it a couple quick rinses around will eliminate the hair and dirt from drying to the surface of the tub, as well as lessen the ring of dirt.  Applying that same principle to the sink, give it a quick rinse after using for messy things like brushing teeth and shaving.
  12. Giving the shower a quick spray over with a cleanser after getting out will help cut down on the film of soap scum from drying on  the surface.

Naturally, I could think of many more things which I do so routinely that it feels as though I hardly even need to clean my house on actual cleaning day.  I hope this will get the ball rolling for you in the right direction so that you may develop some of your own routines which apply to you!

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